Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One of the Most Inspiring Couples I've ever worked for

David & Susan had a Nov 21 wedding scheduled at the Lodge at Torrey Pines for about 6 months and just 3 weeks prior were both involved in a horrific car accident leaving David on crutches with a broken leg and Susan in a wheelchair with a broken pelvis. What is notable about these 2 amazing individuals is that Susan is an accomplished Triathlete and David has nearly finished his training to become a Navy Seal. He was scheduled to graduate the day before the wedding, but was delayed until after his recovery is complete. Obviously these are 2 life paths that demand endurance and determination and rather than postpone the wedding until it could be the picturesque event that everyone wanted for them, they kept to the plan. With the help of Liz Beck, the Wedding Coordinator, a few alterations and adjustments were incorporated to make the event memorable and entertaining for the family and guests in attendance. I acted as the DJ and Emcee and played a nice variety of dance music to fit the group including the Philadelphia tradition - Mummers Parade (see: red umbrellas in video clip) and Eve Seles came in to perform "Happy, Crappy, Sappy Love Songs" Here show is great, its all the great sing-a-long songs that you love to hate. Thank you to Videographer Joe Park for the video footage.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Small Wedding at the Thursday Club

A nice wedding of at the Thursday Club in Point Loma. A large percentage of the guests were from Oregon and being in the heart of College Football Season, the families had me updating scores for the Oregon and Oregon State Games. Both teams won so I don't know if that lead to the great party that followed dinner but the party was great. Take a look at the video clip, Grandma dancing to Lady Gaga, the old College Sorority girls (and their Guys) singing TNT by AC DC or the Piano Man finale at the end of the night this group partied, danced and had a great time.

Wedding at the Kiko House in Carlsbad

The Kiko house is a beautiful vacation rental on the Carlsbad coast and the location for the Photo shoot for this year's Charger Girls Calendar. The house is amazing. Newly remodeled, they spared no expense on the features and amenities, right down to the elevated Plexiglas hot tub and the glass elevator.

Wes and Tammy had about the most amount of people they could fit for a seated dinner in this house. They started with a small ceremony on the private beach and moved to dinner in the lower level and dancing on the mid level.

San Diego Zoo Employees - Party Like Animals!

I'm sure you can imagine that when a group of 1500 employees and their guests that spend their days catering to visitors at a world renowned attraction like the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, they really know how to have fun. What's great about DJing an employee party like this is that, the HR and Special Event staff at the Zoo knows every DJ in town, and they chose me to play and create the perfect atmosphere to show their employees the appreciation they deserve. I was honored to be their choice.
Paradise Point Resort was the location and the party took full use of the resorts facilities. Dinner in the large ballroom, a Karaoke lounge in one of the side rooms and Video DJ in all 4 sections of the Sunset Ballroom overlooking the water.
As dinner came to an end the crowd started flowing into the Sunset Ballroom and before I knew it there were about 700 people dancing and having a good time to a mix of Hip Hop, 70's, 80's and they partied until the end.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Classic Wedding at The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Judd & Terri had a nice wedding this very classic yet simple. The Coordinator - Sabrina Cadini of La Dolce Idea, did a great job of keeping everything on track.

They had a very nice 4 course dinner with their best man's toast, a full table of cupcakes in place of the tradtional wedding cake and then some dancing afterward.

I got some nice comments from Judd just after the event...

Spencer was great. He received compliments from professional musicians attending our wedding as guests. It doesn't get any better than that. The music was up beat and people were dancing throughout the evening. He was easily able to balance the interests of children and young adults as well as our older guests. Everyone was dancing together all night long.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Video DJ at Anthology on Halloween

My Radio on air alter ego, Dr Boogie (TM) from Magic 92.5 FM had me playing as the closing act after R&B Singer Teedra Moses. She's primarily an East Coast Artist, but she's got a long list of credits that you would recognize including song writing for Mary J Blige, Macy Gray and Support Rolls for R Kelly, Will Smith and No Doubt.

I was booked to play old school (like we play on Magic 92.5) videos and the crowd loved it. The best feature of my Video DJ performance still continues to be my wide variety of Videos or different music genres.

This party was fun but I have to admit, it was a new experience for me. Anthology is a Live music show club, not a dance club and consequently the audience comes to see a performance, that was the first time I have ever been "The Show" I'm usually called in to create the dance atmosphere of a party or Night Club.

Customized Rock n' Roll / Video DJ Wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel

Chris and Jennifer went all out on their Rock n Roll themed wedding, I have to give the credit to her wedding planner Jessica Gillon for really making it all come to life. Their Ceremony was on the 4th Floor Woodstock Terrace featured a close friend of theirs singling and playing the keyboard for their music selections. The Cocktail reception was also on the terrace separated by Garden Decor and was all Coldplay, Uncle Cracker and the Killers.

When the guests were invited down to the Legends Ballroom, they were treated to the works. Photobooth complete with costume hats and feather boas, Record shaped Menu cards and actual records (with their personal label of course) as table number signs, the Late Night Party Donut Station and I Video DJ 'd on the Main stage. With the Rock n' roll theme we got to have a lot of fun with the Background music videos, and they had a few close friends that offered some of the best toasts I'd heard in a while, the kind where the audience laughs and cries all within 4-5 minutes. After dinner it didn't take much effort to get the group up and dancing, I was scheduled to play dance music for about 45 minutes to make way for the Closing Act, but once we got going they pushed the final act back a little.

Joey Cape was the Closer and if you aren't familiar with his work, I can best describe him as Jack Johnson meets Grunge, sort of. I have to admit I was a little worried about having a down tempo Acoustic act close the party. Completely the opposite, the group were BIG fans. The keyboard player for the ceremony had actually collaborated on a song for Joey's recent album. I don't usually offer live band PA due to the amount of work involved but Joey was super nice and it was only 3 microphones and 3 Instruments.

One of my favorite features about Video DJ is that I can take monograms, designs and logo and put them right on the screen. If you look on the screen behind Joey Cape in the video clip you'll see Chris and Jenn's logo for the wedding.

For more info about Video DJ or Mobile Music Plus please go to

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Destination Wedding at the Grand Del Mar

Brian & Courtney brought a few dozen people in from Phoenix for their wedding and really wanted to make it as much of a party as it was a traditional wedding reception.

They asked for DJ and Karaoke with Dance lighting and a custom Monogram projected on the wall (visible in the video clip).

This group really got into the party, the formalities included several introduction songs. Thunderstruck - ACDC for the Father of the Bride's Welcome toast; The Univ. of Arizona fight song for the groom toast and a fully choreographed dance by the bridal party to I got a Feeling- Black Eyed Peas to start the night off.

The Karaoke singers were... Entertaining. As with any party with karaoke there were some great singers and there were some that weren't as great but they definitely had fun with it. Dancing and singing til the end.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sheraton San Diego - Harbor Island Wedding DJ

A Beautiful Mid-August Wedding at the Sheraton Harbor Island, right on the water in downtown San Diego. Austin & Lindsey had me share the entertainment duties with NRG a variety band that does a lot of Weddings and Corporate events here in Southern California. DJing with a band is a special task that not all DJs can handle (or are good at). The primary concern is that since the band only knows a few dozen songs or so, I have to be sure not to play anything on their playlist until they are finished with their last set. Some think that since the band knows a lot of Disco, Motown and Rock n Roll that the easy way to resolve this would be for the band to play the older music and the DJ to play the new music. That, in fact would be easiest but the new top 40 isn't necessarily or usually the best music to lead into a night with. The grandparents and aunts and uncles along with the rest of the older generation of guests, in my experience, really appreciate some music that they can relate and dance to. I usually find that when they get the music they know as a lead in, they dance more to the other music throughout the night. I try to play songs the band won't be playing but still play some songs that the older group will like before moving into the fun 80s and dance music that fits the younger guests like we had at this wedding.

Amber and Blue uplights and a Monogram in light (Gobo) on the dancfloor accented the room, with the stage and the sweetheart table in the center of the room it only left space for a long narrow dancefloor. The Video clips weren't able to capture the whole dancefloor in one frame. From the Grand Entrance to the Toast and Dancing, the night went off without a hitch thanks to Julie Scrivener the wedding planner. At the end of the night I got thank yous and compliments from both the Father of the Bride and the Bride and the Groom. That let me know I did exactly what was needed, played good music for everyone and kept the whole group engaged in the party.

Here is a post wedding comment I received from Lindsey the bride a few weeks after the event...
Spencer did a wonderful job selecting music and incorporating my
suggestions into the playlist. He also coincidentally chose the perfect
song for our last dance. It was a Coldplay song that Austin (Groom)
says was written for me. Bravo!

When asked to name one thing that could been even a little bit better:

I thought everything was awesome - he did a great job

To get more information about Spencer, DJ services or the newest hit for special event entertainment...Video DJ - Click Here

Rancho Bernardo Inn - Wedding DJ San Diego

Alex and Kristen had their reception for 250 guests. The RB Inn staff did a great job with a very elegant dinner. The evenings events were flawless with the coordination from Diane Kern from Exclusive Designs and Events. They had given me a small list of must play songs and also a handful of please don't play-songs and from there let me do what I do best, play the best songs for the crowd. There were a lot of family members from the midwest and they were really into the oldies and motown in particular, so I played a good mix of those along with some fun 80s, 90s and top 40 and it worked out perfectly. Go to for more info on Spencer Bezy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

La Jolla Bridge Club

The La Jolla Bridge Club is a pretty cool place to have a wedding. The Ceremony area is just feet from the water, you can hear the waves crashing. Even though the park is a very popular family beach area during the summer months, there are enough bushes and trees to block the both the ceremony area and the main lawn from the public area. Due to the size of this group dinner was buffet style out on the lawn, inside the club only seats 50-75 guests, but I really think with good weather outside is the best option.

The City of La Jolla has some noise ordinances that restrict amplified music outside on the lawn, but there are some tricks of the trade to still accomplish some light background music and announcements. The dancing is always inside (again due to the noise ordinance), dancing in the main area is preferred since the ventilation in the parlor is minimal.

Terry & Amber hired Gayle Feallock of Just Imagine Weddings to coordinate their wedding. I've worked with Gayle a lot over the years and she's great, I highly recommend her if you're looking for a coordinator. OH! and the party was good too...

R&B Wedding

This couple wanted a twist on the traditional idea of their wedding reception. Held at the Rancho Valencia Resort in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, they asked to have all R&B music, from different eras was ok, but they really wanted to stay with the theme. I played a wide variety of music from The Temptations to Usher including Dinner music that was "A Soul Tribute to The Beatles" a great CD that has artists like Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett singing R&B versions of Beatles songs.

The group danced all night and we even had a couple of party crashers that heard the party and came in to join the celebration. This was a great idea to make this event different, but you really have to be careful when selecting a theme like this and decide which is more important throughout the course of the party, staying with the theme or playing the type of music that the party needs even if it isn't in keeping with the theme.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Party Like a Rockstar - Video DJ - 80s Party

This party was awesome! It was Brett's 40th Birthday and ALL of the guests dressed up in 80's costumes and there were some really good ones too.

I played 80's music videos for the first hour or so. Then the 80's Band, Lipstick & Leather took the stage. They rocked the whole neighborhood for about an hour including Brett belting out a party rocking, Crowd stopping, Police Helicopter circling over head version of Nothing but a Good Time. Yes, it doesn't happen very often, but the house was in what seemed to me to be a pretty quite area and the 80's band and people yelling and screaming proved to be a little too much for some of the neighbors and the police came in at 10pm on the dot. I'm happy to report that I had not started to play dance music by the time the sherriff came by. They didn't order us to stop, just to turn it down, way down. The last hour of the party I opened up the music to the more current top 40 and hip hop, but the volume was so low it wasn't really danceable any more. I wish we had more time, the crowd was really into it. It's great when the people dancing on the dancefloor are dancing and having a good time, but you can notice them every time they hear a new song checking the screens to see the video.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

San Diego Diamond View Tower

I love what I do, always new and exciting things to see and do. This is the view from the top of the Diamond View Tower overlooking Petco Park. The Padres were playing on the road this day but the Park in the Park is open for visitors even on off days. I've worked this location during games too which is really cool. You're so far above the field you can't really get into the game but its still the best view in the city.

The party was only for a couple dozen people but they were a really fun and outgoing group, it was a Grad party for 3 girls from Coronado High School. All 3 were active in the school theater so Karaoke was natural fit.

Chinese Wedding at the Four Seasons

This was a great reception with a full lighting
package including a Chinese symbol gobo, spotlights
for the cake and 20 uplights inside and out. The
Four Seasons is a great hotel for a reception its a
bit more than some of the other venues but its a
true 5 star hotel from the facility to the service.
This wedding ran like clockwork thanks to the
great coordination of Anseth Richards of Creative Occasions .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Corporate Party at the Ivy Hotel

United Bio Source hosted a party for their convention attendees at the open air rooftop bar at The Ivy Hotel and had me DJ. This was more of a club style presentation than I normally do for a wedding. It was the classic look similar to turntables, flat on a table. They were really interested in Video DJ but decided they needed to use the video screens for their logo and branding. It didn't matter the group of 300+ guests danced all night.

It was cool background music for the first hour then I started to pick up the pace a little bit and eventually it was a fun mix of all the new hits, Flo-Rida, Lady Gaga, LMFAO as well as the fun 80s and some Latin and House/Trance too. I spent several years DJing in Nightclubs as well as my Hip Hop radio mixshow and "The Digital Groove" radio show so this was a fun return to a mostly nightclub style party.

The mini video cam ran out of batteries and I didn't get very much footage before it died, but here is a little dance circle they had going at my end of the long narrow dance floor. Sorry the video is a little dark, partly from the lighting, partly from the low camera battery. It was great and went til almost 2am when the hotel finally said we had to stop for the night.

Scientists usually aren't known as the party crowd, but don't tell these guys!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Daytime Wedding

This couple decided on an early wedding, starting in the late afternoon going into the early evening. Their guests didn't seem to care, they danced anyway. This was one of those traditional wedding soundtrack parties. As I read the crowd and played music that followed their mood, I found myself playing a lot of those typical wedding dance songs.

As I always say, a
Great DJ isn't one that always plays all the Hot New Music on the top 40 Radio Station that week or the most creative live mash-ups or music mixes. It's the one who plays the right songs at the right time to take that party to a level of success that the Guests, the Host and sometimes even the DJ didn't know was possible.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Doctor Boogie (TM) at V lounge with Magic 92.5

Many of you know that I've been an on air Mix DJ since 1997 and syndicated to a variety of radio stations around the country, San Diego, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and New Orleans. As many as 28 stations through my syndicating agent through 2002-2006. Occasionally, it works out that I'm booked to play station events. Since 1998 I've been Dr Boogie (TM) on Magic 92.5FM

June 5th I played band breaks at the V lounge, all old school. Its a pretty casual environment since people really just take a break from gambling to come over to eat, drink and dance. But it was fun and stayed pretty busy all night.

Peter & Tianey Shin

This was a great small family wedding, both Peter and Tianey are Korean and many of the attendees made the trip from overseas (korea and a few other countries in the area). Rachel Penichi of Plan-It San Diego always does a great job and this particular wedding happened to fall in her birthday. From experience I knew that it could be difficult to really get this party up to full speed, social dancing just doesn't seem as big in some asian cultures as others.

They had a great time and danced a lot. Peter, the groom, came back after walking his new bride to their suite and thanked me personally. Despite over 15 years of experience, the biggest song of the night surprised me. Hava Nagila; and despite the fact that neither the bride or groom were Jewish, Peter's college buddies, talked him into asking me to play it and they lifted them each in a chair and we did the Hora... at a Korean wedding...

As long as they enjoyed themselves, that's all that's important.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Video DJ at The Scripps Seaside Forum at UCSD

WOW! If you haven't seen this amazing new property, you really have to stop by and take a look around. Its right next to the La Jolla Pier in La Jolla, its right on the water and the full length glass doors open and fold away for a 1 one of a kind view. Its on Discovery Way in La Jolla and even if you aren't planning a party you can go down park and walk along the water, its great.

The venue is so new, this was the first private event they've had, not including a couple of industry events and Grand opening parties.

This party was for The La Jolla High School Foundation, they're a group of parents and alumni raising money to help fund some of the programs no longer covered by the state (Arts, Sports, Etc.). French Gourmet catered the party and did a great job as always. I brought in (2) 42" Flatscreens, a 12ft x 14ft projection screen and 4 speakers spread around the room and outdoor patio. Kerri the Event Chairperson said one of the things they wanted, was to make sure the party wasn't boring, that it was exciting and fun enough that people would talk about it through the year and look forward to next years fundraiser.

The night started with a cocktail reception and silent auction, dinner and a live auction followed by the party. Early in the evening we used the screens to show music videos mixed with a Thank you slide show for the sponsors.

Video DJ is so much fun. It takes a great DJ performance and adds that visual element, to really get the crowd engaged in the party. I still get a kick out of watching the people as they dance, some people dance while they keep one eye on the screen watching the video of the song they're dancing to, others try to sneak peaks at the screen while trying not to ignore their dance partner.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Video DJ Wedding

From the first time I sat down with Russel and Charlotte, they were really into the idea of having me Video DJ their wedding reception. They were a really nice couple and pulled out all the stops for their big day. Everything from all out floral arrangements and the "Mad Dash" video montage (the videographer shoots footage of the ceremony and then edits it to make it a part of the video montage to be viewed after dinner at the reception) to Dual Spotlights on the First Dance and a Jazz Trio for the Cocktail Reception. Red LED uplights really helped transform the room and compliment the red roses in the florals, the Party Donuts station ( and Photo Booth in the foyer were both a big hit as well.

Video DJ was perfect for this party, the 220 guests were mostly in their 20s and 30s with the 40+ group making up only about 30% of guests. Video DJ delivers that trendy, fresh interactive entertainment that fits that group perfectly.

The night started with a big grand entrance of 52 people, the guests were really riled up by the time the Bride and Groom came in. On to dinner and a performance by the Samahan Philippine Dance Company (Authentic cultural dances). Dual spot lights were set and ready for the Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Dances, the groom then cut in to begin their first dance.

By the time the dancefloor was opened, they were ready. They were on the floor in seconds...
The only thing I would have changed is we had so much to do in such a short time, we didn't really get to do a lot of dancing until later after the Mad Dash Video Montage, the Cake the Bouquet Toss, the Garter Toss and Money Dance.

(Sorry about all of the camera operators in the pictures and video clip, this wedding coverage is being submitted as a feature for an upcoming issue of Exquisite Weddings Magazine, as an article in San Diego Style Weddings Magazine as well as being considered for a wedding TV show - more info later.)

For more information on Video DJ, go to

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Crossings in Carlsbad

This was an amazing party. I think this was the 6th time I had played parties and receptions for with this family (Slocomb, Castillo). First there were weddings for several siblings, then a couple of cousins and most recently Tony & Maria. The Crossings is a fantastic new venue in Carlsbad, with vaulted wooden ceilings and the spacious layout inside, it reminds me of the the Lodge at Torrey Pines.
What I love about this family is they and their guests love to dance and party. While most events I play for, whether I perform as a Traditional DJ or Video DJ, have good dance floors and a the guests have fun. This family really loves their music. I played everything from Earth Wind & Fire to Snoop Dogg, I even worked in a request for The Cure. I'll admit that playing the Cure is always a tricky thing for me at an event. I feel like The Cure is an acquired taste, some people love them and others have a quite different opinion. But I took the request into consideration and just waited to see if the right time to work it in arose and sure enough, it did and was just the right compliment to the other music they were having so much fun with. [Ok I confess I did mix out of the song before the end. ALWAYS LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE Right?]

(Click the video clip below to see a quick montage of the dancing)

You don't need a DJ that plays great music.
You need a Great DJ that plays music your guests will love.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

DJ at the Prado

Danny and Diana had a big party for their wedding at the Prado in Balboa Park. I provided Traditional DJ, Dance Lighting and a custom Gobo projecting their initials in light on the dancefloor.

Danny told me in our initial meeting that he really wanted a lot of 90's and current music, everything from hip hop to 90's house music. He and Diana both understood the value of playing some music to appeal to the parents and grandparents so I played some old school and of course some latin. Cumbia, Merengue and even some Banda, they were a great crowd and danced for almost 3 hours after dinner and the other formalities were finished.

I know some DJs play the same "set" week in and week out, varying only slightly for requests, I honestly can't imagine not offering my clients that flexibility of playing the best songs for their guests. I do find myself playing some songs more than others but never as a preplanned set.

If you are looking for a location to have an event, you can't go wrong with the Prado. If you've ever been to the Prado restaurant... their special event catering is even better, I don't know what they do differently but The Prado is right up there in the top 3-4 on-site caters in San Diego.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

San Diego State University Guest Speaker

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at San Diego State University to the Hospitality Tourism Management program students. It was a great group and it was nice to meet some of those future Catering and Sales men and women that I'll be working with in the years to come. The photos were taken and provided by Justin Hulse of Hulse Photography, the other guest speaker for the group.

Photos by: Justin Hulse

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 4th - David's Bar Mitzvah

1 of our Lip Sync Contest Groups
This was a great party! My 2 best dancers, Jonny and Lexi were on their 'A' game. This party was for about thirty 12-13 year olds and about 35-40 adults. We brought in blue uplighting along with some dance lighting. It really helped bring the room's decor together. A few games, candlelighting, a slide show all followed up with a great dance party for both the adults and kids.

If you're planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah you really have to take your time and find the right entertainment. Whether it's a DJ, Video DJ or a Band, the right entertainment is crucial to the outcome of the party. As the client or buyer, you have to be honest about your expectations for the party. Do you want a casual event for the guests to visit with each other, do you want to throw the best party you or any of the guests have ever been to or something in between? Will you be happy if the guests don't dance and party? If you are creating a casual hang around style party then you can probably get by with some minimal entertainment options. If you are throwing an all out Celebration, you need to invest more in the entertainment, therefore further ensuring that the rest of your investment in the party is protected. I've heard from people who chose to hire a DJ based on price and not necessarily quality, and one of the things they all say is that they wish they would have set aside more of their budget for entertainment.

Monday, April 6, 2009

MS Walk 2009 - San Diego

I'm proud to have been a sponsor of the San Diego and Carlsbad MS Walk-a-thons for the past 10 years. I provide music and make announcements at the rest stop. This gives the walkers a chance to rest, get water, energy bars etc. before walking the remaining part of the course to the finish line. It gives the walkers a pick me up, they even dance as they pass by. Most years the amount raised at each walk increases. In this slow economy I don't know if we'll set a new record this year but the enthusiasm was certainly as high as ever.

Recording Artist - Lil Rob & Z-90

San Diego native Lil Rob and Jammin' Z-90FM give a free concert to Southwest High School.

Having been a mix DJ with Z-90 and still with sister station Magic 92.5, I've become somewhat of the go to person for on location Sound Systems. Z-90 periodically conducts contests for the local high schools to win a free concert at their school. The date and artist are always kept a secret until the last possible moment. But it's always either the Hot artist with the hot new song or sometimes a classic artist with a long list of smash hits. Past artists include Paula DeAnda, Lil Rob, Soulja Boy and Warren G. April 3rd San Diego's own Lil Rob returns and puts on two 20 minute shows for the students of Southwest High School and Mobile Music Plus was there to make it all come together. Delivering a 6000+ Watt sound system the concert was a huge success.

Geoff & Calei - UCSD Faculty Club

This was a great Sunday evening wedding. The guests danced and had a good time, the bride was very happy and made their planned Exit at 9:30.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

NOT YOUR TYPICAL...Wedding Party Bridal Show - March 8th -Video DJ

The show was a huge hit! Anseth Richards of the Bridal Bar San Diego ( orchestrates a very special approach to the standard bridal show we've all seen again and again. It's an open area/party style format complete with music, food, decor and fun. This show was held at the new Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. The party was on the 4th floor patio area.
I was showcasing Video DJ ( with 4 screens. The doors opened at noon and almost immediately, we saw a lot of brides and guests coming out and sitting on the lounge furniture provided by Plush Impressions, enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather. French Gourmet provided the Bar and Mini Slider, food station. Our friends at LA Photo Party ( were taking our fun & upbeat music atmosphere and turning it into a fashion show photo shoot. It was a lot of fun, attendees were coming to visit the patio, hanging out for awhile, then going to visit the booths inside the main room, then returning back out to eat drink and sit int he sun. At 5pm the show ended and we hosted the vendor/exhibitor appreciation party.... Its a real compliment when wedding and special event professionals come out and you can see that they are really enjoying the music and atmosphere. Since their job takes them into parties on a regular basis and it usually takes a lot to entertain them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dr. Boogie Hooks up the Magic 92.5 FM Hook Up Cruise

My 10 years with Magic 92.5 has been a lot of fun. You can hear me Monday - Friday at 5pm for the "Traffic Jam" with Xavier the X Man . Several times each year, Morning Show hosts Jagger & Christie host listener events. Most recently was the Valentine's Hook up cruise. Another word for a single's cruise on board one of the Hornblower Cruises and Events Company's boats on the bay. Our Listeners always show up ready to have fun and this time was no exception.

Video DJ for Watson Wyatt Year End Party

Video DJ at the Hardrock Hotel.

Quinceanera at El Torito

Mobile Music Plus provides entertainment to El Torito Restaurant in Mission Valley. I was asked to play for a small Quinceanera in back area of the Restaurant. It was mostly family a dozen or so friends and Future star of Dancing with the Stars Dance competition (see the video). I played a good mixture of Top 40/Hip Hop, Latin and Old School.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Animal House / Faber College Theme Party - Video DJ

This Birthday party for Tom's 50th was a Toga theme party, fashioned after the Animal House Movie, and WOW! the guests at this party really got into it. College Sweaters and creatively designed togas were everywhere.

I brought in the Video DJ system and dual 42" LCD screens for entertainment and played 50's and 60's music videos. This party really gave me a chance to show what the video DJ can do. All of the unique music videos that aren't available to the general public, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, the Mamas & the Papas, James Brown and more. As the party progressed I included some other genres of dance music too but with the Animal House Theme I had to play "Shout" by the Otis Day and the Knights. Most danced, some watched... When I see people staring in amazement at the screens not able to believe that I have the videos that I have or in disbelief of the quality of those videos, I don't know which... but it's really one of the coolest parts of what I do. SDGE told the party hosts that power would be turned off between 10-10:30 for scheduled work on the system. A special generator was brought in just to keep the party going. We had such a great time, that before we knew it the party was at its scheduled end time. That left us with no choice but to go longer... This one would've made Dean Wormer jealous.

Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Special Event" is coming

THE SPECIAL EVENT is an international trade show that showcases what's new in the special event world . Nearly 9000 event professionals from around the world will attend to see everything from new table linens to Ground Breaking New Entertainment and everything in between. It includes 3 days of educational seminars and feature parties that showcase different segments of the industry. This year the show is right here in San Diego, Jan 28-30.

I am very excited to announce that I will be featured at the "Wedding Luncheon" Jan 28th. It is THE exhibit party to attend. Corporate and Wedding related professionals alike attend the sold out show to see the innovative new designs and hot new trends. This year's luncheon will be at the HardRock Hotel with Video DJ leading the way as doors open for 550 guests. A top notch team (lead by Peggy Jewell of Jewell Entertainment and Rachel Peniche of Plan It San Diego) has worked for months to overlook no detail in the planning of this one of a kind event.

I will also be exhibiting on the trade show floor, to give attendees a chance to see "Video DJ - Music Like You've Never Seen!" up close and ask questions. If you'd like passes to attend the exhibit hall, please contact me for more information.


Special event - Wedding Luncheon

The Wedding Luncheon was a huge success, I was proud to be featured in 2 rooms.

Hard Rock Hotel - "The Edge" - Display galleries showcased the latest in room and table top design trends, for an elegant yet modern approach to music for the next generation, I provided an assortment of selections from the Vitamin String Quartet. A string quartet that interprets a wide variety of Rock Songs including songs originally by the Beatles and Led Zeppelin to U2 and Korn. It really very unique and can be quite elegant. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for something new and unique for their wedding.

Hard Rock Hotel - "The Legends" - The main event: Lunch Seating for 600, Video DJ as the entrance music, Founder of the -Carley Roney as the keynote speaker and a special performance by an up and coming 14 year old singer who delivered a version of "Zing went the Strings of My Heart" that would've made Judy Garland proud. VIDEO DJ was a huge hit. As the doors open and guests poured in, I played a soft but upbeat, cocktail reception like mix that included Neil Diamond and the Beatles. I softened the music during Lunch by incorporating Music Videos from Nora Jones, Dean Martin and Frank Siantra. As the event came toward it's end, I picked up the pace with more upbeat dancable music like Justin Timberlake, The BeeGees and AC/DC. The goal of the show producers was to wow the guests with something they hadn't seen before. I can safely say we accomplished that goal. I received many compliments and inquiries both at the show and in the exhibit hall area.