Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Video DJ Wedding

From the first time I sat down with Russel and Charlotte, they were really into the idea of having me Video DJ their wedding reception. They were a really nice couple and pulled out all the stops for their big day. Everything from all out floral arrangements and the "Mad Dash" video montage (the videographer shoots footage of the ceremony and then edits it to make it a part of the video montage to be viewed after dinner at the reception) to Dual Spotlights on the First Dance and a Jazz Trio for the Cocktail Reception. Red LED uplights really helped transform the room and compliment the red roses in the florals, the Party Donuts station (http://www.partydonuts.com/) and Photo Booth in the foyer were both a big hit as well.

Video DJ was perfect for this party, the 220 guests were mostly in their 20s and 30s with the 40+ group making up only about 30% of guests. Video DJ delivers that trendy, fresh interactive entertainment that fits that group perfectly.

The night started with a big grand entrance of 52 people, the guests were really riled up by the time the Bride and Groom came in. On to dinner and a performance by the Samahan Philippine Dance Company (Authentic cultural dances). Dual spot lights were set and ready for the Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Dances, the groom then cut in to begin their first dance.

By the time the dancefloor was opened, they were ready. They were on the floor in seconds...
The only thing I would have changed is we had so much to do in such a short time, we didn't really get to do a lot of dancing until later after the Mad Dash Video Montage, the Cake the Bouquet Toss, the Garter Toss and Money Dance.

(Sorry about all of the camera operators in the pictures and video clip, this wedding coverage is being submitted as a feature for an upcoming issue of Exquisite Weddings Magazine, as an article in San Diego Style Weddings Magazine as well as being considered for a wedding TV show - more info later.)

For more information on Video DJ, go to http://www.mobilemusicplus.com/

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Crossings in Carlsbad

This was an amazing party. I think this was the 6th time I had played parties and receptions for with this family (Slocomb, Castillo). First there were weddings for several siblings, then a couple of cousins and most recently Tony & Maria. The Crossings is a fantastic new venue in Carlsbad, with vaulted wooden ceilings and the spacious layout inside, it reminds me of the the Lodge at Torrey Pines.
What I love about this family is they and their guests love to dance and party. While most events I play for, whether I perform as a Traditional DJ or Video DJ, have good dance floors and a the guests have fun. This family really loves their music. I played everything from Earth Wind & Fire to Snoop Dogg, I even worked in a request for The Cure. I'll admit that playing the Cure is always a tricky thing for me at an event. I feel like The Cure is an acquired taste, some people love them and others have a quite different opinion. But I took the request into consideration and just waited to see if the right time to work it in arose and sure enough, it did and was just the right compliment to the other music they were having so much fun with. [Ok I confess I did mix out of the song before the end. ALWAYS LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE Right?]

(Click the video clip below to see a quick montage of the dancing)

You don't need a DJ that plays great music.
You need a Great DJ that plays music your guests will love.