Monday, September 21, 2009

Sheraton San Diego - Harbor Island Wedding DJ

A Beautiful Mid-August Wedding at the Sheraton Harbor Island, right on the water in downtown San Diego. Austin & Lindsey had me share the entertainment duties with NRG a variety band that does a lot of Weddings and Corporate events here in Southern California. DJing with a band is a special task that not all DJs can handle (or are good at). The primary concern is that since the band only knows a few dozen songs or so, I have to be sure not to play anything on their playlist until they are finished with their last set. Some think that since the band knows a lot of Disco, Motown and Rock n Roll that the easy way to resolve this would be for the band to play the older music and the DJ to play the new music. That, in fact would be easiest but the new top 40 isn't necessarily or usually the best music to lead into a night with. The grandparents and aunts and uncles along with the rest of the older generation of guests, in my experience, really appreciate some music that they can relate and dance to. I usually find that when they get the music they know as a lead in, they dance more to the other music throughout the night. I try to play songs the band won't be playing but still play some songs that the older group will like before moving into the fun 80s and dance music that fits the younger guests like we had at this wedding.

Amber and Blue uplights and a Monogram in light (Gobo) on the dancfloor accented the room, with the stage and the sweetheart table in the center of the room it only left space for a long narrow dancefloor. The Video clips weren't able to capture the whole dancefloor in one frame. From the Grand Entrance to the Toast and Dancing, the night went off without a hitch thanks to Julie Scrivener the wedding planner. At the end of the night I got thank yous and compliments from both the Father of the Bride and the Bride and the Groom. That let me know I did exactly what was needed, played good music for everyone and kept the whole group engaged in the party.

Here is a post wedding comment I received from Lindsey the bride a few weeks after the event...
Spencer did a wonderful job selecting music and incorporating my
suggestions into the playlist. He also coincidentally chose the perfect
song for our last dance. It was a Coldplay song that Austin (Groom)
says was written for me. Bravo!

When asked to name one thing that could been even a little bit better:

I thought everything was awesome - he did a great job

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Rancho Bernardo Inn - Wedding DJ San Diego

Alex and Kristen had their reception for 250 guests. The RB Inn staff did a great job with a very elegant dinner. The evenings events were flawless with the coordination from Diane Kern from Exclusive Designs and Events. They had given me a small list of must play songs and also a handful of please don't play-songs and from there let me do what I do best, play the best songs for the crowd. There were a lot of family members from the midwest and they were really into the oldies and motown in particular, so I played a good mix of those along with some fun 80s, 90s and top 40 and it worked out perfectly. Go to for more info on Spencer Bezy.