Monday, November 30, 2009

Small Wedding at the Thursday Club

A nice wedding of at the Thursday Club in Point Loma. A large percentage of the guests were from Oregon and being in the heart of College Football Season, the families had me updating scores for the Oregon and Oregon State Games. Both teams won so I don't know if that lead to the great party that followed dinner but the party was great. Take a look at the video clip, Grandma dancing to Lady Gaga, the old College Sorority girls (and their Guys) singing TNT by AC DC or the Piano Man finale at the end of the night this group partied, danced and had a great time.

Wedding at the Kiko House in Carlsbad

The Kiko house is a beautiful vacation rental on the Carlsbad coast and the location for the Photo shoot for this year's Charger Girls Calendar. The house is amazing. Newly remodeled, they spared no expense on the features and amenities, right down to the elevated Plexiglas hot tub and the glass elevator.

Wes and Tammy had about the most amount of people they could fit for a seated dinner in this house. They started with a small ceremony on the private beach and moved to dinner in the lower level and dancing on the mid level.

San Diego Zoo Employees - Party Like Animals!

I'm sure you can imagine that when a group of 1500 employees and their guests that spend their days catering to visitors at a world renowned attraction like the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, they really know how to have fun. What's great about DJing an employee party like this is that, the HR and Special Event staff at the Zoo knows every DJ in town, and they chose me to play and create the perfect atmosphere to show their employees the appreciation they deserve. I was honored to be their choice.
Paradise Point Resort was the location and the party took full use of the resorts facilities. Dinner in the large ballroom, a Karaoke lounge in one of the side rooms and Video DJ in all 4 sections of the Sunset Ballroom overlooking the water.
As dinner came to an end the crowd started flowing into the Sunset Ballroom and before I knew it there were about 700 people dancing and having a good time to a mix of Hip Hop, 70's, 80's and they partied until the end.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Classic Wedding at The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Judd & Terri had a nice wedding this very classic yet simple. The Coordinator - Sabrina Cadini of La Dolce Idea, did a great job of keeping everything on track.

They had a very nice 4 course dinner with their best man's toast, a full table of cupcakes in place of the tradtional wedding cake and then some dancing afterward.

I got some nice comments from Judd just after the event...

Spencer was great. He received compliments from professional musicians attending our wedding as guests. It doesn't get any better than that. The music was up beat and people were dancing throughout the evening. He was easily able to balance the interests of children and young adults as well as our older guests. Everyone was dancing together all night long.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Video DJ at Anthology on Halloween

My Radio on air alter ego, Dr Boogie (TM) from Magic 92.5 FM had me playing as the closing act after R&B Singer Teedra Moses. She's primarily an East Coast Artist, but she's got a long list of credits that you would recognize including song writing for Mary J Blige, Macy Gray and Support Rolls for R Kelly, Will Smith and No Doubt.

I was booked to play old school (like we play on Magic 92.5) videos and the crowd loved it. The best feature of my Video DJ performance still continues to be my wide variety of Videos or different music genres.

This party was fun but I have to admit, it was a new experience for me. Anthology is a Live music show club, not a dance club and consequently the audience comes to see a performance, that was the first time I have ever been "The Show" I'm usually called in to create the dance atmosphere of a party or Night Club.

Customized Rock n' Roll / Video DJ Wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel

Chris and Jennifer went all out on their Rock n Roll themed wedding, I have to give the credit to her wedding planner Jessica Gillon for really making it all come to life. Their Ceremony was on the 4th Floor Woodstock Terrace featured a close friend of theirs singling and playing the keyboard for their music selections. The Cocktail reception was also on the terrace separated by Garden Decor and was all Coldplay, Uncle Cracker and the Killers.

When the guests were invited down to the Legends Ballroom, they were treated to the works. Photobooth complete with costume hats and feather boas, Record shaped Menu cards and actual records (with their personal label of course) as table number signs, the Late Night Party Donut Station and I Video DJ 'd on the Main stage. With the Rock n' roll theme we got to have a lot of fun with the Background music videos, and they had a few close friends that offered some of the best toasts I'd heard in a while, the kind where the audience laughs and cries all within 4-5 minutes. After dinner it didn't take much effort to get the group up and dancing, I was scheduled to play dance music for about 45 minutes to make way for the Closing Act, but once we got going they pushed the final act back a little.

Joey Cape was the Closer and if you aren't familiar with his work, I can best describe him as Jack Johnson meets Grunge, sort of. I have to admit I was a little worried about having a down tempo Acoustic act close the party. Completely the opposite, the group were BIG fans. The keyboard player for the ceremony had actually collaborated on a song for Joey's recent album. I don't usually offer live band PA due to the amount of work involved but Joey was super nice and it was only 3 microphones and 3 Instruments.

One of my favorite features about Video DJ is that I can take monograms, designs and logo and put them right on the screen. If you look on the screen behind Joey Cape in the video clip you'll see Chris and Jenn's logo for the wedding.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Destination Wedding at the Grand Del Mar

Brian & Courtney brought a few dozen people in from Phoenix for their wedding and really wanted to make it as much of a party as it was a traditional wedding reception.

They asked for DJ and Karaoke with Dance lighting and a custom Monogram projected on the wall (visible in the video clip).

This group really got into the party, the formalities included several introduction songs. Thunderstruck - ACDC for the Father of the Bride's Welcome toast; The Univ. of Arizona fight song for the groom toast and a fully choreographed dance by the bridal party to I got a Feeling- Black Eyed Peas to start the night off.

The Karaoke singers were... Entertaining. As with any party with karaoke there were some great singers and there were some that weren't as great but they definitely had fun with it. Dancing and singing til the end.