Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video DJ at Anthology in San Diego

I've been the on-air Mix DJ for Magic 92.5 since 1998 under the name, Dr Boogie. Anthology, San Diego's Live music venue, had me come in along with Xavier The X-man to Video DJ for the night March 13th. Anthology is by far my favorite venue to Video DJ in San Diego. 10 screens including the big 15 foot screen above the stage the videos are everywhere! Anthology has 2 shows per night on the weekends, a 7-9 and a 10-12. LadySmith Black Mombasa was the 7pm show, they are the African Accapella group that used to back Paul Simon in the 80's. I made sure to show up early for my show so I could catch the last part of their set. It was very different, but very cool. Those guys deliver a great vocal performance but they really have some amazing choreography. At times it was hard to tell what was rehearsed and what was improvised. The 7pm show was sold out so at 9:15 when it was over it took a little time to clear the room for the line of Magic listeners forming at the front door. It didn't take long to get the crowd dancing, I've got some video clips to edit together. I'll post those as soon as they're available. You can catch my mixshow on www.Magic925.com or 92.5 FM at 5pm Monday-Friday. You can also download free mixes at my website www.mobilemusicplus.com by signing up in the sign up box in the upper right corner.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding DJ at the Parker Meridian in Palm Springs

The last weekend in February I DJ'd a wedding reception for a great couple, Mike & Kelly Nathenson. Their wedding was at the Parker Meridian Hotel in Palm Springs. They had some great music requests that they wanted to work into the reception including a couple of songs from Phoenix. Phoenix is probably my favorite breaking band of 2009. They've been around for a little while but they're really gaining popularity in recent months. I provided 10 uplights around the room to with a warm "Candle Light" color which made them a appear a little warmer than a natural white light bulb would look and provide plenty of light so that the hotel lighting could be turned down.

The wedding was with one of my favorite coordinators Susanne Duffy of Crown Weddings. We started things off with the first dance and immediately opened the dancefloor for the guests to join them and dance a quick couple of songs. Although I don't always do an early dance set for most of the weddings I perform at, it always seems to lead to a more successful party. Once they finished dinner and the specialty dances, it was back to the dance floor...ALL NIGHT. They started dancing and the next thing I knew the night was over. Sorry the Video gets a little dark later in the clip, the uplights got unplugged to increase the ambiance.

That Hoe Down sounding song is "Gin & Juice" by Phish a fun spoof on the classic Snoop Dogg song. They told me during our first meeting that their friends would love it, and they did.

Video DJ at La Jolla Spa MD Grand Reopening

Late February I Video DJ'd the Grand Reopening of La Jolla Spa MD in La Jolla. The Guest List of 500+ was invited in Paparazzi style with a Red Carpet entrance and check in, next upstairs for several stops on their "Trip Around the World" with each stop offering a different regional cuisine. Their final stop was back in the main lobby and boutique area adjacent to the Auditorium where they were treated to "The World's Hottest Night Club" featuring San Diego's original Video DJ, Spencer Bezy. Additional 42" flat screens and speakers were run to the front lobby to tie the entire lower level together.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soul Train - Video DJ in Las Vegas

I was the opening DJ for the Soul Train Party in Las Vegas at the "Top of the Riv" Riviera Hotel. Close to 2000 DJs from aroudn teh world gather in Las Vegas every February to learn from each other, talk about new trends and new equipment on teh market. Days are filled with Seminars and Demo Sessions on various topics. The Nights are a serious of parties with different themes. 2010's conference opening night was a Soul Train Party and since my on-air role at Magic 92.5FM in San Diego is so similar to the classic Soul Train playlist it was a natural fit. I opened with 45 minutes of old school Video DJ, playing videos from Marvin Gaye, Klymaxx, The Whispers and O'Jays. I am proud to have one of the largest old school music video libraries in the country. After my set the Don Cornelius look-a-like host introduced some feature entertainers that brought back some old classic dances via a little Crowd interaction. DJ Toad from Ohio came in to close the last 45 minutes of the party with more videos. Taking the same stage the following night were Coolio and Sugarhill Gang (honestly not the best performances I've seen), then the 3rd night was DJ Kool came in to DJ and sing his "Let me Clear my Throat!". That was a great show.

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