Monday, December 18, 2017

TouchScreen DJ System

   This is NEW Project!   The 55" Touchscreen DJ Display is a large translucent glass touch sensitive work-surface that I use to DJ a variety of different types of events.   The audience can see every song I cue up and every beat that plays live on stage.

  I saw this concept about 10 years ago at a trade show in Las Vegas but the technology was never quite capable of "DJing" with it.  Latency and software issues prevented it from being a viable option to DJ with, until now.   The Technology has finally caught up and works beautifully!   14 months ago, I special ordered this 6ft piece of glass and the technology to go along with it from sources around the world.   Engineered the components in house and now its coming to a party near you.

On Stage with Bay Area Rapper E-40
The design thrives on darkness, as you can see in this venue with all white walls.  The support system is black and will almost disappear in darker environments like the E-40 photo above.   But it still wows guests nonetheless.  I easily get 10 people per event that want a closer look or to take a photo of the TouchScreen.