Friday, February 24, 2012

Disco Themed Video DJ Party at Maderas

This was like an explosion of color! This Annual corporate party selects a theme each year and the attendees go all out, dressing in costume and acting in character - it was a lot of fun.

I Video DJ'd all Disco for the first 4 hours (yes, I have that much Disco on DVD)and they were INTO IT. maybe it was the wigs but no matter they were having a great time. The last hour as the planning committee and I planned we started to break out of the disco theme and give them some 80s and top 40 which by that time of night they were ready for and only added to the excitement.
My team brought in an 8 foot screen for the videos, plenty of dance and stage lights, 8 hot pink uplights and a disco ball - because let's face it what's a disco party if there's no disco ball!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sorry for the lack of Recent updates!

I'm sorry to report that my cool little video camera that allowed me to give you a quick glimpse of those parties is no longer with us. I don't know if i misplaced it or if someone decided they liked it more than I do.

For now I guess we'll have to settle for good old fashioned Text updates and boring. I'll try to link youtube clips to some of the bigger events if I can find them online.

Here are a couple to get you going

San Diego Block Party: Early January I Video DJ'd for 2500 people from the Special Event Industry. I find that more and more, when its time to impress those that are usually behind the scenes and in-the-know like this group was, I get the call quite often for Video DJ because it's just so amazing. My video library is over 18,000 now and it covers to name a few: Frank Sinatra, Temptations, James Brown, Bee Gees, Madonna, Michael Jackson and of course all of today hits. This event was incredible, 4 City blocks with Food, Audio and Video Throughout.

The guys from Innovative Presentations did a great job placing 12 video screens around the 4 block area including the 12 foot screen behind me and a 15 ft screen on a rooftop on 5th avenue. I played for about 90 minutes and had the place jumping until I passed it off for the main stage and Recording Group - Kool & the Gang took the main stage.

This video isn't of me but someone else caught a little of Kool & the Gang on stage