Thursday, December 18, 2008

Video DJ for Seal Team 3

Seal team 3 had their 25th Anniversary party in the Oceanfront Ballroom at the Hotel Del Coronado. For Entertainment I provided Video DJ with an 8'x 6' projection screen on stage with (2) 42" flatscreens near the dancefloor. It really looked great, it gave it that look of a well orchestrated full production event. They started off with some basic background during dinner as well as many of the military traditions and toasts. This 25th Anniversary of Seal Team 3 was attended by many of the past members including most of the commanding officers of the Team over its 25 year history. It was very humbling to be in a room full of men and women that were so vital in the protection of this great country. The guests really had a great time, they danced and were really into the music videos, in most of the photos you can see at least 1 perosn in the photo looking at the screens to watch the videos.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daytime Wedding at the Catamaran

Qualities your DJ should have:
- Able to get small parties up and dancing: Smaller parties mean fewer guests to work with, you need a DJ that can read a crowd. That's a phrase a lot of DJs throw around without really knowing the meaning of it. A DJ has to be able to look at the group in front of them and anticipate their emotion and energy level over the coming 10-15 minutes and be able to plan the music accordingly in order to effectively rotate the guests from their seats to the dancefloor so that everyone is involved. The musical planning should expand to include the music the guests like, not just what the DJ usually plays and can make work. Would you believe that some DJs know what they will play before the party even starts?
- Dancing in the Daytime: Daytime is not the normal time for dancing; that's what our common sense tells us. A great DJ should be able to build a wedding reception into a celebration and then into a party. Some DJs are more talented at this than others and that effects their rates and pricing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Video DJ - 80's Theme Party

The Members of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club through a fundraiser and to send it over the top they turned to Pacific Event Productions for one of a kind decor and entertainment. Pacific Events knew that Video DJ was the solution. This was an 80's - Rock n Roll Theme party so most of the guests were in clad in well designed costumes. They were really rockin' and the party went overtime and late into the night, as late as we thought the neighbors would let us get away with anyway.

2 Weddings, 1 set of Vendors

I had the pleasure of working 2 weddings over 2 weekends with Sean at Resolusean Photography and Laurie Spears at Wow Factor weddings. The first was at the Rancho Bernardo Inn for a family that I've done 4 weddings for, I almost feel like part of the family now. I provided uplighting and a Monogram (gobo) projected in light onto the dancefloor. The room really looked great. Uplighting is the hot trend in event decor, it's only a few hundred dollars and can transfer the entire room from average to amazing. The second was a Big Italian Wedding at the Marriott in Mission Valley with 280 guests that were just incredible.

Sean at Resolusean Photography was nice enough to send me some photos from each and even compiled a photo montage of them for me. If you're in need of a photographer, you should contact Sean even if only to get on his email list for his "Photo of the Month" he gets some amazing shots.

Late Summer Wedding at Shadowridge Country Club

A very nice couple that to be honest weren't sure they wanted to pay my rate when they could book another Dj for less. Lucky for all of us, one of their groomsmen has seen me work at a number of weddings, including weddings for Channel 93.3 On-Air personalities A.J. and also Hit Man Haze. He explained to them that you get what you pay for and a great DJ makes a great party, and likewise a bad DJ makes a bad party. You only get one chance to make your wedding party perfect. As it turned out, I knew quite a few of the guests from some of my nightclub work (and play) through the years. They group was on the dancefloor until the end, and being a mostly hiphop and old school group I got to play a lot of really great songs that aren't a part of your standard wedding soundtrack; Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, Notorious BIG it was a lot of fun for all of us.

Thank you to our friend Eddie at Studio 512 for the photos.

Azul in La Jolla

This was a one of a kind Irish wedding. They danced and had a great time, but the real highlight of the late afternoon, early evening wedding was... The groom's brother and best man didn't make it to San Diego, he was back in Chicago while his wife was having a baby boy. The day went beautifully and things couldn't have been better, except for the Best Man being 2000 miles away. My years in this industry have taught me to always think outside the box and find ways to go above and beyond to make memories for my clients.

I got the Best Man's cell phone number from the Father of the Groom, I called him to discuss my plan and told him I'd call him back on a land line at the Hospital to minimize any cellphone to cellphone interference. When it came time for the toast, the Maid of Honor spoke, the Father of the Bride spoke and even made reference to the Best man having not been able to make the trip and the birth of his son. When the toasts were finished I explained that I had a very special surprise for everyone and that I needed them to be very quite and that I had to step outside for better reception. I called the Best Man on the hospital room phone, put my cell phone on Speaker and held my wireless microphone to the speaker. The Best Man gave a great toast, and as he finished the groom walked out to find me so that he could speak with his brother directly. I was welcomed back into the dining area with a mixture of applause and heartfelt tears.

I love my job, I take being one San Diego's best entertainers very seriously. The look you see on the Groom's face was there all night.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Summer Wedding at the Darlington House

What a fun party, a great bride and groom, a friend and true event professional as the Wedding Coordinator, Carol Baradino of Elite Events Management. They had the rose garden at the Darlington House in La Jolla tented, which really helped keep the heat under control. The family had a great time dancing to the traditional wedding classics and I really sent the party over the top when I included the Beastie Boys, the Cure and some other favorites of the Bride, Groom and their friends.

Friday, November 14, 2008

UCSD Video DJ at "the Abbey"

I've had the priveledge of working with several of the committees within the UCSD for quite a few years. While I have have plenty of nightclub DJ experience, I just don't get to use those talents as often during the Weddings and Corporate events I perform for. I really enjoy playing for a good group of college students, UCSD-MUIR is always a lot of fun and for this dance I Video DJ'd their dance at the Abbey in Hillcrest... and it was a huge hit. In these 2 video clips you can see the crowd keeping an eye on the screens while they dance.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oct 25th at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

180 of your closest friends and family... This was an average sized group for a wedding today but the entire group seemed to be very tight knit. They had cocktails around the pool and Dinner on the lawn just outside the ballroom. I acted as Master of Ceremonies and played music for the First Dance and during dinner out on the lawn.

After dinner we moved inside for the Cake cutting, Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Dances. These families were a lot of fun, they were really celebrating the moment. The lighting is a little dark, but here is some video footage of the party.

Wedding at L'Auberge Resort - Del Mar

Out of respect for their privacy, I don't include in the Blog, names of the Bride, Groom, or other private parties that I work for.

This was an amazing wedding at L'Auberge ( on HWY 101 in Del Mar. The couple met online and truly were starry eyed everytime I saw them, from the first meeting to the last dance.

The entire wedding day for 180+ guests was very elaborate, with the Ceremony and Cocktail Reception in a nearby park overlooking the ocean, the dinner on the Hotel's patio overlooking the pool with an ocean view. Dinner entertainment was Aly & the Alli cats playing a variety of jazz standards with Spencer as the Master of Ceremonies.
After a full 5 course dinner the guests were ready to party, we invited them downstairs to the Crosby Ballroom for some of the formal activities and the party. The Ballroom was complete with lounge furniture, custom bar and the entire room draped with orange uplighting.

The Groom was a bit of a Giants Fan (to the extent of having followed the team around the country for most of the 2008 baseball season). Christy Gowdy as the event coordinator helped make that come to life in the form of his grooms cake.

The dance portion of the night was a raging party. Since it was an afterparty, they asked me for more of a young, fun and clublike atmosphere that didn't make the parents feel left out.
I have some great video clips taken by Randy Stubbs the videographer of the dancing. I hope to have those uploaded for viewing in a few days.

Video DJ at the Hard Rock Hotel

This was a really great Bar Mitzvah, the family had Pacific Events plan and orchestrate the event and they really went all out. Video DJ as the primary and dancefloor entertainment, Hollywood Dance Troop "The Groovaloos" performed along with "Splash" the live painting act. They also had a variety of Video Games and other activities including green screen booth and a mechanical surf board.

Video DJ really sent this party over the top. We set (2) 42" flatscreens on stage and also (2) 9' x 12' in the corners of the room to really make the visual images bigger than life. The kids and teens were really into the videos and started making requests almost as soon as they arrived by bus, but with a music video library of over 15,000 videos we really have the ability to bridge the gap from the teens and the MTV generation to the adults. It's definitely not just a kids show...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Welcome to Spencer Bezy's Blog. As owner of Mobile Music Plus, I made a decision from the very beginning when I started this company... This company will stand for Quality in everything it does. That means the staff & I do not cut corners, we go the extra mile to ensure we are delivering more than the customer expects, everytime.
As they become available, I'll post pictures and commentary from special events that I'm a part of, as well as notices and advance announcements of upcoming events that will be open to the public.