Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Corporate Conference - Break Out party of the Season!

When a conference comes to town and they have a free night for the attendees to go their own way.  Commonly, associated companies will host their own private party for attendees to promote relationships and further business with conference attendees. n Sometimes those parties are in the host hotel in a small break out room, other times they are off site where the host company can really create an experience guests won't soon forget.  
I've said it before and its still one of my favorite things.... being the best party of the conference is VERY rewarding.   Several weeks ago I provided lighting and DJ for a great corporate client, this party was outdoors in an affluent area of town that I thought sure would have the authorities at our door by 10:30 at least to ask us to tone down festivities.   An early 1pm set up for the uplights, band lighting and step and repeat lighting and the DJ system then back at 6 for the 7pm start.  We had planned for a 150 +/- crowd but once word got out about the party the guest list quickly grew to over 200 to be bused in. 

 The night started off with Brazilian Guitarist to welcome guests at 
the gate.Then the Brazilian Street band kicked in for an hour.

 The Samba Dancers were a huge hit as they did their 20 minute 
show and then stayed to dance the night away with the guests.

Dancing started around 10 and was set to go until 1am,  at 1am we were obviously not finished yet as the dancefloor was still full of party goers

Corporate Video DJ for 2300 people at Hilton Bayfront

  A big event in the ballroom,  screens and audio all over the room courtesy of EventAVision at Hilton Bayfront San Diego with Pacific Events and Imagination Entertainment with their stage performers followed up by a packed dancefloor party afterward.
  You couldn't see all the screens in these pictures but (4) 16 x 9 ft projection screens and a full JBL array speaker system covered the room perfectly for the speaker at the podium, the stage acts and the Video DJ afterward.  This group of local healthcare professionals was ready to have some fun.  There's already talk of having me back next year.



Corporate event at Fluxx Night Club, Downtown San Diego.

FluxxSD hasn't been rated San Diego's best night club by luck!  This is a world class night club, with a top rated bar and security staff and a sales team like no other.  Once every few months I get called in to play a corporate night club night for a private event night.  The club, by design and by name is always in a state of change and has recently installed a massive LED wall above the dancefloor behind the stage.  If you don't already know, visuals drive all special events these days.  You just can't get that over the top WOW! factor without including visuals in some way.  Today's audiences have come to expect it.  While my most recent night at FluxxSD wasn't a Video DJ performance, the LED wall was used for branding which is almost as cool in my opinion.  No video clips but here are a couple of pre-show pics before the 500 doctors arrived from their stuffy black tie dinner to cut loose.

Lighting at Estancia La Jolla

   Split color uplighting on stage, and uplights around the 
La Jolla Ballroom at Estancia this week with our friends at Platinum Pro

Uplighting the Arbors in muted gold so that as the sun begins 
to set the arbors down the aisle are featured.
Setting up in the Garden Courtyard

A quick look around the room as decor and the band are setting up.